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First established in 2009

After years in the industry, Atlanta Sod Company was officially established in 2009. We started small, but quickly learned that the combination of expertise, quality equipment, and controlled procedures made for unparalleled results. We soon established ourselves as “Atlanta’s Premiere Sod Supply and Installation Company” and we’ve been building our reputation as an industry leader ever since! We’ve been fortunate to work with customers all over the metro area to create the yard of their dreams as well as work on some of Atlanta’s most prestigious properties. We are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received. We strive to lead with quality and integrity and look forward to earning your business soon!


Knowledge & Expertise

On a residential construction job in 2007 Eric had been in charge of making sure the home lots were properly graded, driveways were poured, retaining walls were built, and much more. The builder asked Eric if he knew anybody that could sod his properties once they were completed. Eric recommended a local landscape company to sod the first property. Upon visiting the job site the next day Eric was not happy with the results. He found the yard to be less than satisfactory and the builder was also not pleased. He asked Eric to head up the remaining houses that needed sod. Eric remembers not being real interested in the project but his boss was instrumental in pushing him to have the confidence in taking it on. Eric ended up sodding the builder’s next three homes with tremendous results. His knowledge and expertise in land grading served him well to ensure the yard was smooth and aesthetically pleasing. It was here that the idea of a company that only specialized in Sod was born. The Atlanta Sod Company.


QUALITY is Priority

After another year of working with his former company, Eric fully committed to Atlanta Sod Company in 2008. Not married yet, he was able to work 12 hour+ days to establish relationships and spread his name throughout the industry. Quality and doing the right thing was always priority. Eric remembers how tough the first year of business was. It was the exact time of the housing bust and most people told him he was crazy to be starting a business. Many companies and sod farms were going under. Eric himself fell 7 months behind on his mortgage and was almost foreclosed on at one point. Throughout this time Eric remembers going to Church faithfully and believing that work would come. He would sometimes struggle with giving his tithe knowing that he couldn’t pay his bills but his trust and faith would always come through. Eric says it was this first year in Business that drew him closer to the Lord than ever before.

Growing a Business and a Family

In late 2009 business was picking up and the bills were getting paid. Atlanta Sod Company was able to invest in better equipment and vehicles for the first time. Eric also met his wife Sara late in the year and she quickly became his wife. As Sara would later become pregnant with their first child Vera, Eric & Sara had all the motivation they needed to pour their efforts into building a great company. It was at this point that Atlanta Sod Company established themselves as “Atlanta’s Premier Sod Supply & Installation Company”. In years 2010-2012 Atlanta Sod Company continued to forge relationships in the sod industry while also working on some of Atlanta’s most prestigious properties. In 2013 as industry specific technologies improved Atlanta Sod Company again invested in new equipment and vehicles to ensure each project was given the time and attention it deserved.

Poised to help Atlanta Stay Beautiful

Sara would help with many of the day to day operations until their second child Scarlett was born in 2013. Starting in 2012 they began traveling with their local church on mission trips across the world. Always remembering how God was faithful during the first years of business they continue making sure to always give back. Starting with several trips to Nicaragua, Atlanta Sod Company was able to provide sponsorship to 8 students attending a private Christian school and Eric has assisted several teams building homes in poverty stricken areas in Diaramba, Nicaragua. More recently Eric has had the opportunity to assist in missionary trips to Cambodia, Vietnam, Honduras, and Liberia. As of year ending 2017 Atlanta Sod Company, thanks to its loyal customers has been able to give over $170,000 in funding to local and foreign ministries. With their third daughter Abigail born in March of 2016 the future looks bright! Atlanta Sod Company is poised to help Atlanta stay beautiful for many years to come. Atlanta Sod Company would like to thank our customers for all their support and most of all God for sending his Son, Jesus Christ to give his life so that we would not perish but have eternal life.

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