Tall Fescue


Year Round Green Color

Tall Fescue grass is native to Europe and was introduced into the US in the early 1800’s. It’s a cool-season grass that grows strongly in the fall and spring, slowing down and stopping growth in warm summer months. Tall Fescue is the only turfgrass in Georgia that provides year round green color not going dormant during the winter months. Tall Fescue grasses are a handsome dark green color, with a medium texture. It is important to note that when selecting the company to install your Fescue Sod to make sure the Fescue is mature and coming from a high quality farm. Atlanta Sod Company provides the best Fescue available to the Atlanta market by parternering with the largest turfgrass producer in the Southeast.

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Requirements, Irrigation & Characteristics

Light Requirements:

Tall Fescue is the most shade tolerant grass available in the Atlanta Area. Handling as little as 2-3 hours of sun,


As a general rule, keeping your lawn healthy requires 1 inch of water weekly, including rainfall. Water once every 2 to 3 days in dry weather (about 1/2 inch at each application). If one or more inches of rainfall occur in a week, additional irrigation is not necessary. (Example: if 1/2 inch of rain occurs within a growing week, apply 1/2 inch by irrigation.) Heavy clay soils will require less water and less frequent applications than sandier soils. Water as deeply as possible without causing run-off.

  • Hot Weather Tolerance : Low – Medium
  • Sun Requirement : 2-3 hours (Excellent)
  • Wear Resistance : Medium
  • Injury Recovery : Medium
  • Winter Color : Green
  • Mowing Height : 3″ – 5″
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