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The following terms and conditions shall apply to any product purchased and / or installed from Atlanta Sod Company Inc. which shale hereinafter be referred to as “ASC”. The purchaser or other person accessing ASC”s website shall be referred to as “Client”. ASC provides customer access to ASC’s website via computer or wireless device on the condition that said access I subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth below, including all documents, policies and guidelines incorporated therein, if any.


By accessing ASC’s website Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

INSTALLING SOD IS A RISK. Sod is a perishable living product and must be taken care of immediately upon installation.

We warrant that certified turf grasses were grown under the supervision and auspices of the Georgia Crop Improvement Association: Therefor we make no additional warranty as to the varietal purity. We do not guarantee suitability, survival or performance, and make no other further warranties, express or implied.  Any warranties claimed must be presented in writing on the original estimate / invoice. Items that were warrantied are still subject to void for the following causes: cold or heat injury, fungus, improper watering, improper mowing, chemical applications, insect or animal damage, damage caused by people or machinery, acts of God.

ASC does not require a retainer to secure scheduling unless noted. The hire ASC please reply to the emailed estimate with “confirmed” and/or a signed estimate sheet sent back to us via email or fax. All estimates are final and payment is due upon completion. Completion is defined by the amount of pallets estimated, not a specific area or location i.e. backyard, front yard etc. While ASC makes every effort to measure accurately there are situations where the actual sod needed may be more or less than the estimated amount. This is due to the difficulty measuring abnormal shapes and geometrical designs present in a given landscape. In the event a client wants or needs more sod than the amount estimated / invoiced the original amount is still due in full and the remaining sod will be quoted separate at the same per unit pricing as the original estimate / invoice. This extra sod will be scheduled within 7 business days and will be considered a separate job / invoice payable upon completion. If there is any surplus of sod upon completion, client can choose to keep the remaining sod or have ASC discard it at no extra charge. No refund will be given for having extra sod as ASC made a good faith effort to have enough sod to complete your project. Atlanta Sod Company makes every effort to avoid pre-existing wiring and piping but excludes any liabilty to wiring, cables, or irrigation breaks sustained during the preparation, installation, or delivery portions of your project. If any breaks or damage are sustained, Atlanta Sod Company is equipped to fix most of these on site for a fee.

Cancellation may only occur greater than 72 hours prior to the scheduled date of installation. If canceled less than 72 hours, the job will be billed for the cost of the sod materials only as sod is a perishable product and cannot be resold.

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